Thursday, October 30, 2008


So, my mom and dad spent all this time carving pumpkins and then they made me 
sit in front of them for a picture.  The flash was really bright.
I'm not really impressed.
They could at least have let me have some of the pumpkin guts.
I'm sure they were delicious.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To the Little People...

I'd like to thank the little people that helped make this day possible.
My papa.  Without him, I'd have no one to cuddle with when I'm scared, no one to pick up my "business", and no one to wake up from a nap with a big lick on the face.  He loves it, I know!
And my mom.  Without her, my ears would never get cleaned, I'd have never tasted ice cream, and I would never get to wear ridiculous, I mean, attractive outfits.

Graduation Day part 2!

We had to show off our tricks before we could get our diplomas!  Mine was "which one", which is kind of like pick a hand.  Sometimes when I choose a hand, there is a treat inside...

Sometimes there isn't.  I think it is a dumb trick, but Mom thinks it is really cool.  I get frustrated, but it is worth it when I find something yummy!
Jimmy showed us all he can shake.  I can do that too, but I would never be able to sit on that little stool.  That is an amazing trick!
Finally, Indy showed off her fantastic spin. 
She is such a model!  Here is one of her in a witch outfit. 
I think the hat must be very heavy...

Graduation Day!

DUM! Da da da DUM DUM!  DUM, da da da DUM!

Today was graduation day at school!  It was a very exciting day.  First, my new friends and I had to show off our tricks.  Ginger went first and amazed us all by going through a hoop!  I couldn't believe my eyes!

What a big day!


At school today we discovered that I have gained 5 pounds in one month.  I am now 66.8 pounds!  I must have had a growth spurt!  People are commenting that I look "taller" but I think I look more handsome by the day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Being bad is so much fun!

I'm not supposed to be up here on the "couch", but it is so comfy!
I'll just take a little snooze.  These yahoos won't make me move anyway.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where's Waldo? I mean Teddy.

I love to hide in the bushes.

That's better!  Now...throw!

Hello?  I'm serious here.  This is Frizbee.  No kidding around.

That's better!  I'm on it!
I just love this game.  I could play all day.