Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teddy's Food Diary

(Since my mom and dad are keeping a food diary while they are losing weight, 
I decided that I want to join in the fun.  I never EVER want to be left out!)

Dear Diary,
Here I am in front of my favorite spot in the whole house.  I like to say that this is where the action is!  All kibble is delicious but the best treat is when I come out of my crate and find a tasty surprise in my bowl, like a nibble of chicken or a piece of cheese.  I check my bowl every time I walk by just in case something appears there.

Again, I am in front of my bowl, only this time something very exciting is happening!   A tasty treat is being offered to me.  Sometimes they make me wait before I take a taste, which I think is kind of dumb.  If I get to have it anyway, why do I have to wait?  Can you see all that scrumptious goodness in the dish?

After a long day of checking my bowl and thinking about my next meal, sometimes I get really tired and have to take a nap.  While I enjoy my bed and a snuggle toy, I really like to cuddle with my cube in my arms.  My cube delivers half of my meal each day and it is truly magical how when I just nudge it with my paws, kibble comes out.  I adore my cube.  Such a good friend.
Usually my food is given to me, but sometimes I am left to my own devices.  If mom and dad leave me outside too long, I find that I can get my "chew" on from some choice pieces of wood from the wood pile.  Mom isn't quite sure how I manage to get logs from the wood pile up dthe stairs to the back door, but as you can see from this picture, I have an amazing set of chops.

Well, Diary, hope you enjoyed my entries today.  I enjoyed eating them!