Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fit as a Fiddle: A Vet Story

Today we got in the car really early.  We only drove for a few minutes and when we got out of the car, I got very excited.  In the building we entered I smelled all kinds of glorious smells.  Kitties, dogs, dogfood...mmmmm!  I was greeted by a little dog as soon as we walked in.  As soon as I started wiggling around he turned right around and left.  Maybe he doesn't like wiggles.

Daddy and the nurse lady made me sit on a great big scale.  I snuck in a great big lick on the lady's face while they were waiting for the scale to tell them that I weigh 74 pounds.  I guess that is a lot!  When we met the doctor, he told us that my weight is really good and that I have big quad muscles.  (I guess that means I carry my weight in my booty!)

I was really excited to meet the doctor!  He really likes Goldens and gave me lots of pets and snuggles.  He says I look really healthy, including my ears and my pearly whites.  He said he almost got blinded by my nice, white teeth!  A lady came in and held me while the doctor stuck me with a needle.  She sure got a surprise when I gave her a big kiss from ear to ear!  Then I got a biscuit!  

I loved my trip to the vet this morning!  

Monday, March 23, 2009

My trip

We went on a big trip this weekend.  It was a really long time in the car.  
I have discovered that if I hesitate when it is time to get in the car, 
Mom or Dad picks me up to put me in.  
I consider it a couple extra seconds of cuddle time.
Once I'm in the car, I start whining if Mom or Dad doesn't put the window down.
I like to feel the wind blowing my lips.
Today I really didn't like that Dad was sleeping, Mom was driving*, 
and I was stuck in the backseat.  So I thought I'd put my head on Dad's shoulder for a snuggle.

*(Don't worry, Mom was really safe while taking the picture and she'll never, ever do it again.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bathtime Part 2

So, on Saturday I went to the park with my good friend Lucy.  We wanted to go to an event for dogs and let off some steam.  We'd had it planned for awhile and didn't want to let a little rain stop us!  As soon as we were done getting free samples of kibbles and treats, we were off to the park.  I love the park and I love playing with Lucy so this was a real treat!  I had the best time rolling around in the fresh mud with all my friends, but I was a little dirty when we were done.

So we all trooped off to the doggy wash.  I really don't like the doggy wash, but I really love the biscuits I get after a good scrubbing.  And man was I looking fine when we were done!  
Ooh lah lah!

Today I decided that I'd been clean for too long.  So, after the snow/hail storm, I found some slippery mud in the backyard.  After romping around for awhile, Mom and Dad decided it was time for another bath.  Darn it!

At least I love all the attention!