Monday, March 9, 2009

Bathtime Part 2

So, on Saturday I went to the park with my good friend Lucy.  We wanted to go to an event for dogs and let off some steam.  We'd had it planned for awhile and didn't want to let a little rain stop us!  As soon as we were done getting free samples of kibbles and treats, we were off to the park.  I love the park and I love playing with Lucy so this was a real treat!  I had the best time rolling around in the fresh mud with all my friends, but I was a little dirty when we were done.

So we all trooped off to the doggy wash.  I really don't like the doggy wash, but I really love the biscuits I get after a good scrubbing.  And man was I looking fine when we were done!  
Ooh lah lah!

Today I decided that I'd been clean for too long.  So, after the snow/hail storm, I found some slippery mud in the backyard.  After romping around for awhile, Mom and Dad decided it was time for another bath.  Darn it!

At least I love all the attention!

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Kate said...

We don't use the phrase "we all trooped off" nearly enough! I love it! Poor Teddy, just when he gets nice and dirty . . . time for another bath!

Hey, did you read my "Ode to Tommy Boy" post? Pretty funny, if I do say so myself!