Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tales of Teddy Part 4

Part 4: Tasty Treasures at the Beach

Even when he was at the beach, Teddy still found sticks to chew on!

Teddy noticed that his mouth tasted a little salty.
Teddy recognizes the drive through.
Tasty things happen when pulling up to the food delivery windows!
Nothing tastes better than ice cream after a great day at the beach!

All done!
The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tales of Teddy Part 3

Part 3: If I went anywhere, I WAS RUNNING!

And Master Teddy, upon smelling the salted air,
seeing the space open up before him,
and feeling the joy building up in his larger-than-life puppy heart,
started to run.
And so he ran.

And ran.

And ran some more.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tales of Teddy Part 2

Part 2: A New Horizon
When we arrived at this wondrous place called "The Beach",
Teddy first looked out upon a whole new world.
He couldn't believe his eyes and the incredible . . . space.
His people made him stay on his leash,
not knowing what Master Teddy would do when
presented with such a vast expanse before him.
First he looked north. Then south. So much to see!
He wasn't sure where to begin and was
overwhelmed with how to take in this new world.
So naturally he started sniffing around.
Delicious, salty water everywhere.
Soon, Master Teddy was struck by an overwhelming need to . . .
And run he did.

Tales of Teddy

Over the next couple of posts, I'm going to tell you a story.
It is the story of a dog, his people and quite possibly
the most wonderful place in the world.

Part One: The Car

In the beautiful land called Oregon lives
a handsome, mighty dog named Teddy.
We shall refer to him as Master Teddy.
He loves his people and he loves adventure.
He also loves the car.
Master Teddy knows that the car leads to adventure
and any ride in the car,
even a short ride, is glorious.

On the rare occasion that Master Teddy's people
forget to roll down the window for him,
Master Teddy will whine from the backseat, or
stick his nose (or tongue) in their ears to remind them.

But once that window opens,
Master Teddy spends most of the ride feeling the wind ruffle his hair.
No one could be happier than Master Teddy
riding in the back, his people in the front,
and the wind blowing directly in his face.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lessons for Humans from Teddy

Dear Humans,
There is a big difference between humans and dogs. Cause and effect. Humans understand this relationship, dogs don't. Because we don't understand the relationship, occasionally we get ourselves into some sticky situations. Here is an example: When playing with a ball, if you push the ball under a couch, you no longer can play with the ball. Humans understand this and don't push the ball under the couch. Dogs push the ball under the couch and bark at it.
Another example: When you break the rules, you have to suffer the consequences. Humans don't like to break the rules because they don't like the consequences. Dogs jump on the bed anyway and look what happens:
Here is another shot:
That's right. When you jump on the bed in my house, you have to wear a bra, get laughed at and have your picture taken.

Here is the big difference between humans and dogs, though. Was jumping on the bed worth the ridicule? Absolutely! So comfy. So cozy. So much attention for doing so. So here is the lesson, my two-legged friends. Sometimes it is okay to live life without concern for the consequences! Break the rules! Push the ball under the couch! Someone will get it for you and you can go right on playing!

I just hope you look as cute in a bra as I do!

Love, Teddy