Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fit as a Fiddle: A Vet Story

Today we got in the car really early.  We only drove for a few minutes and when we got out of the car, I got very excited.  In the building we entered I smelled all kinds of glorious smells.  Kitties, dogs, dogfood...mmmmm!  I was greeted by a little dog as soon as we walked in.  As soon as I started wiggling around he turned right around and left.  Maybe he doesn't like wiggles.

Daddy and the nurse lady made me sit on a great big scale.  I snuck in a great big lick on the lady's face while they were waiting for the scale to tell them that I weigh 74 pounds.  I guess that is a lot!  When we met the doctor, he told us that my weight is really good and that I have big quad muscles.  (I guess that means I carry my weight in my booty!)

I was really excited to meet the doctor!  He really likes Goldens and gave me lots of pets and snuggles.  He says I look really healthy, including my ears and my pearly whites.  He said he almost got blinded by my nice, white teeth!  A lady came in and held me while the doctor stuck me with a needle.  She sure got a surprise when I gave her a big kiss from ear to ear!  Then I got a biscuit!  

I loved my trip to the vet this morning!  

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Lori said...

Wow Teddy, you are one good doggy. To give a lady a kiss while getting a poke is amazing! Gives new meaning to the term "people pleaser."