Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Achieving Extreme Cuteness

From time to time, I like to share my experience with the world.
Today's topic is cuteness.
While I have countless examples of my expertise in this area,
here are some of my favorites:

In this picture, I jumped up on the bed while mom was changing the sheets.
Since I had my sleepy, snuggly face on,
(which tricks them into leaving me here, by the way)
mom put a sleep shirt on me.
Hey, a boy needs his beauty rest, right?

Sometimes, in order to receive an
appropriate number of pats and scratches,
I have to stretch my head way up, like in this picture.
I could have gotten up to get closer,
but I much prefer the squish and stretch method.

One way to impress all around you with your cuteness
is to use good strategy.
In this case, I started barking to get attention.
I was ignored, so I barked a little more.
Mom tossed a pillow at my head, so I did what any Cutie would do -
I promptly snuggled in for a nap!

The foolproof method of achieving extreme cuteness is of course,
striking a pose and flashing a toothy grin.

Works every time!

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