Saturday, November 28, 2009


Focus is very important in my training to become
the most fabulous dog in the world.
I take my training very seriously.

You could say I'm focused about focus.

Here I am focused on a tasty treat this
little lady was selecting for me.
We were working on "wait" and "sit" and "down",
three of my best tricks.
Isn't she a cutie-patooty? Easy to focus.

Here I am focused hard on cheering for the Ducks.
I like Ducks, after all, I'm a Golden Retriever.
Mom and Dad get pretty excited when they play
and I like to cheer too.
I jump up on them when they yell.

Focusing on the frizbee is very important.
I am a frizbee master. It is my favorite thing.
I have two frizbees that my Mom and Dad think are
exactly the same. They are wrong.
One of them is MUCH better than the other.

New toys require much focus. If you lose concentration,
they might hide it.
I love a new toy, especially this one.
It smelled like a friend and was perfect for sucking.
I like to suck on my soft toys.

Finally, it is important to focus when you see potential friends
on the big, blinking, talking box Mom and Dad are obsessed with.
I have to work on my focus on this one better
because they never seem to come out to play with me.

1 comment:

Nathan Potter, PE said...

Teddy, you are amazing! Zonker has nothing on you when it comes to focusing (especially on the blinky box!).