Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deja vous part two

Look what happened outside today!
I wanted to run, and play, and frolic!
Playing chase with my frizbee was extra-fun.
I got really excited a few times and started racing around the yard.  
Look at my extreme agility!
When I finally calmed down, I really liked schnuffling around.  
Things smell better covered in cold, yummy snow!
Yep!  Lots of stuff to do when the world is covered in snow!


Anonymous said...

Not only are you a beautiful young man, but you are so eloquent and graceful. I don't know as if I've ever met another quite like you. You sure seem to make the most of life. I'm sure your parents are very proud. Can't wait for the next excerpt in "The Adventure of Teddy."
Wuff You,

Mindy said...

Wow Tasha. I have never met you but you really sound exotic. I wonder if you have ever danced with elves...

The Man,