Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, this snow stuff is really messing with my routine.
I do NOT like it, let me tell you!
First of all, my last walk of any substance was 7 days ago.
Mom and Dad take me on these little walks but the snow 
hurts my feet.  I guess I need some shoes.
They only let me play frizbee for a little while and now that everything 
is covered in ice, I can't even do that.
My yard is a disaster, and that is the biggest problem.
Humans just don't understand.
Where am I supposed to go to the bathroom?
I am a pretty regular boy and I was almost 24 hours overdue 
by the time I finally, well, you know.
Imagine your comfy bathroom suddenly covered in 
6 inches of feathers and on top of that, 
a sheet of freezing cold plywood.
Not very pleasant.

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Kate said...

Uncle Dan says:

"Teddy needs some boots!!" Uncle Dan suggests these: