Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping is Cool

Here are some pictures from our camping trip.
I hope that they help you understand just how wonderful it was.

This is just an example of the amount of dirt that covered me after our trip.
Pretty impressive, right?

Camping was at least 10% awesome fun,
90% serious laziness.
No dog could complain when faced with those odds.

A dog's number one job while camping is patrol.
The humans' biggest concern is for these coolers,
which were heavily laden with yummy snacks and beer.
I watched them very closely.
This is how I spent most of the day.
Laying very still in the cool dust,
as close to the action as I could get.
This is my buddy Zonker.
He is a much more experienced patrolman than I am.
Look how serious he is?
Maybe he should go camping more.

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