Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ode to a River

Cool, rushing river.
How I love you so.
My playground, my pasture of happiness.

Your banks covered with wet rocks, musty grass, and
the occasional dead fish.
Every part of you screams fun.

If I could spend but one more hour along your shimmery banks,
I would spend it on patrol, for a waterlogged toy,
flying through the air.

And when I see said toy, in an arc across
my dear river's rippled surface,
I am blown away by the need
to run, jump, splash and swim.

And landing, graceful, into your blessed, wet, coolness.
I am overcome with the need to chase my toy,
grasp it along with a mouthful of your river bounty,
And return to shore, to do it again.

Times infinity.


Kate said...

I LOVE the one of him leaping into the river!! So adorable.

Where are you guys at? Looks like it was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Mindy said...

We were at McIver park which is about 20 minutes from our house. It was during the heat wave so it was about 105 degrees, but at least 20 degrees cooler at the river.

Kate said...

Teddy, I wanted you to know, I gave you an award!

Auntie Katie

Anonymous said...

Please update. What's Teddy doing?

Lucy and Zonker want to know.