Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Camping Changed my Life

This is me before my first camping trip.
Heartbreaking, don't you think?
It is really hard for me to look at this picture and
remember what life was like before I'd been camping.
(Check out that carpet, though. That is NICE!*)

Before I went camping I'd never known what it was like
to loll around in the dirt all day, to eat delicious hot dogs dropped from the table, or
the never-ending smorgazbord to behold from the hands and face of an 8-month old.
Before I went camping I didn't understand the joy that comes from
frolicking in the river for hours on end, or how funny it is
to refuse to do your business in the grass at the campground and
require your dad to drive you two to three times a day to the
off-leash area to take care of things.
Ahhh, camping.

This is a picture of me while camping.
Isn't the before and after remarkable?

*Mom and Dad got new carpet and wanted to advertise.

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